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Class: DK8EP

I mainly used an extract from the 'LAB-8/E Maintenance Manual'. This chapter of the manual decribes the detailed logic of the clock, and helped me in debugging the emulation.

The emulation was quite straightforward and the standard test program MAINDEC-8E-D8AC.pdf passed without errors in the end. As already mentioned, only the DK8-EP / DK8-ES is run. In the unmodified version of this program we get 3 errors. All three say that the clock is too slow (for the three highest frequencies); it is not very clear why our 'Virtual clock' (see elsewhere) is slightly off.

We have slightly modified the test program: see modification. After this modification, which takes care of the slight offset of timing, the program runs without error from end to end. This modification also makes the tolerance of the upper and lower bounds lower.

The modified and unmodified programs can be found on the MyProgs disk (D8ACMO.SV and D8AC.SV). Remember to put the Switch register 0 up in order to select the DK8EP part of the test.

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Page last modified on December 09, 2012, at 04:45 PM