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Class: EAE

As already mentioned under Hardware the KE8-E Extended Arithmetic Element (EAE) for the PDP-8/E enables the central processor to perform arithmetic operations at high speeds by incorporating the EAE components with the existing central processor logic circuitry so the two systems operate asynchronously.

It provided the instructions described in pages of the Small Computer Handbook. A more detailed decription of the logic can be seen in Maint-Manual-Vol2-EAE.

I implemented the emulator code for this piece in a separate class which is called from the main process under Operate Group 3.

Basic MAINDECS have been tested successfully. In the PDP8.Tests folder you will find the respective programs. They are also stored on disk MyProgs-22-04-07 of Disks.Working as .SV save files.

Program NameMaindecRemarks
KE8E-Ext-Memory-Exerciser08-DHKEAas DHKEAE.SV on disk
KE8E-Instruction Test 18E-D0LBas D0LEAE.SV on disk
KE8E-Instruction Test 2 Muy Div8E-D0MBas D0MEAE.SV on disk

The emulator passed all three tests.

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