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Class: FPP

In OS/8 V3D the so called 'FPP8-A Users Manual' were introduced. It says there 'This document describes the software support for the KT8A Memory Management Option and the RX02 and RL01 devices'. We do not have either the RX02 floppy or the RL01 disk in our configuration, but in the process of making our latest release of OS/8 (V50), I saw that some components like SAVE, GET and ODT were actively calling KT8-A functions.
I decided to implement the functions of the KT8-A as described in 'FPP8-A Maintenance Manual'.
Excerpt from this User Guide:

The testing procedure as detailed in 'KT8-A memory management software' Δ tells us that the appropriate testing program is called MAINDEC-08-DJKTAA. The only binary I have found is AJKTAB. Because no listing exists I had to recompile this binary.
The recompilatiuon was done using the information in the 'FPP8-A Field Maintenance Print Set' and 'KT8-A enineering specs' Δ. The following list shows the test program. Under 'Test program' the name of the test program to be found under 'Tests', under 'Source' the respective sources that were used to produce the executables, under 'Testing procedure' the instructions for executing the test.

Test ProgramSourceTesting procedureRemarks
MAINDEC-08-DJFPAB FPP-8A DIAGNOSTICDJFPAB2DJFPAB ListingRecompilatiion listing and binary
MAINDEC-08-DJFPBC FPP-8A INSTRUCTION TESTDJFPBC2DJFPBC ListingRecompilatiion listing and binary

The whole test executes without error and takes 1 minute at PDP8 speed and 3 seconds at full speed. The program can be found on the MyProgs disk (AJKTAB.SV).

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