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Class: TTY, Terminal

Well it is a VT100 when considering the ANSI sequences, otherwise it is also a TTY because it has Reader/Punch. It has a menu for the Reader/Punch: open reader will open a file you specify. It switches to reader operation, until you close the reader, when it will revert to terminal operation. So don't forget to close the reader when all data has been read. The same for the punch: Open punch will open a file for output, so close the punch in order to revert to terminal output. Under Test/About there is a loopback option. This will allow for loopback testing of the TTY (see TTY Test program). Almost all ANSI sequences have been implemented (even double size characters and smooth scroll)

The TTY MAINDEC has been modified, it was impossible to emulate some of the precise timing tests. The binary pattern file is for some of the TTY test routines (see documentation in PDF format). In order to test the ANSI sequences various ANSI files have been included in the Terminal-Tests folder. Open reader on these files while executing the Echo routine. -->

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Page last modified on December 11, 2018, at 01:55 AM