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Since one or two years Oracle has changed the security behaviour of Java programs.

In order to allow accessing my programs in an orderly fashion you should follow the following steps. It would be possible to give my programs the required code signing certificate, but these cost approximately $100 per year!

  1. Find your java configuration program:
    1. Windows 10: Find the following program C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jrexxxx\bin\javacpl.exe where jrexxxx is your current java library. Or type in "Configure Java" in the search window.
    2. Mac: Launch the Java Control Panel on Mac OS X (10.7.3 and above)
      • Click on Apple icon on upper left of screen
      • Go to System Preferences
      • Click on the Java icon to access the Java Control Panel.
  2. If you couldn't find the Control Panel, reinstall Java. (

Now, in the Control Panel do the following in order to permit access to my Java programs.

A special note for Mac OS X:
When you click on one of the jnlp links they appear as download files which cannot be executed. In order to be able to execute them do a 'display in finder'. Here do a control click (or right button click) that will allow the execution.

Now my Java programs will be able to run after having accepted the initial warnings. I certify that these programs contain no malware as long as the are not modified. An icon should appear on your desktop representing the program in question. Double-click this icon in the future for easy execution of the program.

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Page last modified on April 16, 2016, at 07:51 PM