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Class: Proc, BusRegMem

As already mentioned earlier, the Processor logic runs with a thread that takes up all of the PCs resources. This thread runs in Module Proc which is initially loaded by Main8 and modifies the corresponding values of the data object in BusRegMem. It branches into the 3 states Fetch, Defer, Execute and updates the virtual timer. The Fetch state branches mainly into the normal instructions, the IOT and OPR use device modules and the EAE extension for further processing.

Helpful in implementing the main flow of the emulator were the following documents:
Small Computer Handbook - System
Small Computer Handbook - Processor
Maintenance Manual Vol1 - System
Maintenance Manual Vol1 - Processor
Maintenance Manual Vol1 - Timing Generator

Basic MAINDECS have been tested successfully. In the PDP8.Tests folder you will find the respective programs. They are also stored on disk MyProgs-22-04-07 of Disks.Working as .SV save files (Except the the ones marked BIN or RIM Loader, which have to be loaded from the PDP8.Tests folder).

Program NameMaindecRemarks
Inst. Test I8E-D0AB
Inst. Test I I8E-D0BB
Adder Test8E-D0CC
Basic JMP JMS Test8E-D0IB
Random TAD Test8E-D0EB
Random AND Test8E-D0DB
Random ISZ Test8E-D0FConly via BIN loader bootstrap on panel
Random DCA Test8E-D0GC
Random JMP Test8E-D0HC
Random JMP-JMS Test8E-D0JBonly via BIN loader bootstrap on panel
Memory Address Test8E-D1EAonly via RIM loader bootstrap on panel
Checkerboard Test8E-D1AA
Mem. ON-OFF Test8E-D1GA
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